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May 18, 2007


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There is something deeply wrong with our military.

Not surprising, really, when their sole organizing purpose is destruction.

Holden...I am thinking the same. And think it is even worse for women in the military

The Bush/Republican culture of cover-ups and preserving the image at the expense of the individuals has reached into every institution of government (though the military has never really been innocent in this regard).

Peace to Airman Turner's family, though that will be terribly slow and hard in coming, I'm afraid.

I'm tired of supporting the troops as a reflex action. More and more we see murder and mayhem from them that's somehow supposed to be excused because they've volunteered for a tough job and they're protecting our freedoms. It's not excusable and when they act with dishonor, no different than common criminals, they don't deserve support, they deserve prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.

Really, really fine post Scout. Wonderfully written and pulled together

I'm a former Air Force chief regional prosecutor and senior appellate judge. I am not personally familiar with the Hill case, but I am fairly well-versed in military law as it's practiced in the Air Force.

SP notes that Amn Hill was "inexplicably" not "placed in a holding facility" prior to his originally-scheduled court-martial. In reality, there is nothing inexplicable about that fact. Military law does not contemplate nor permit pre-trial confinement of every person accused of a crime. In general practice, non-violent offenses such as theft do not ordinarily justify such confinement. It's not clear from SP's post why Amn Hill was allowed to remain in the same dorm as A1C Turner, but in the absence of any history of violent behavior or threats on his part, or any request by A1C Turner that one or the other of them be relocated, I'm not sure it would have occurred to anyone to move them. Military communities are fairly compact, especially overseas; having suspects and witnesses working and living in close proximity is the norm, rather than the exception.

I'm not trying to make light of what happened; obviously, A1C Turner was the victim of a horrible crime and there are many issues raised by her family about what happened before and at the trial that deserve some explanation. But under normal circumstances, I would not have expected to see Amn Hill locked up prior to trial on the original charges.

We need to write letters to the editor in our local papers to make this an issue that reaches a broader audience. It's disgraceful that the national media is not paying attention to this story.

I'll write my letter today, please join me.

Thank you Christopher for that explanation. Though "inexplicably" was not the word used by the family regarding this point it was their point. But again thanks for the information.

not your grandfather's military/war.

My sweet aunt Fanny.
Pansy Poo, could you possibly be a bigger, more useless snotball?

I am so sorry For Airman Turner's family. The former JAG is correct; military procedure back to the 1970s, at least, would not have mandated separation; and if Keflavik is as small a place as the articles made it sound, there would have been no practicable way to do this without putting either Turner in protective custody or Hill in preventive custody, which could very easily be seen as prejudicial to his defense.

I had to deal with the Air Force (non) justice system as a Navy enlisted on joint service. I was appalled at how the Air Force would expend great amounts of effort making any legal case just "go away.'' Not deal with the people involved and making sure justice was being served.

The Air Force, as a service, only cares about the Air Force image. They could give a s&*t about the people wearing an Air Force uniform.

I'm not surprised in the least at this. The American Military is a misogynist, fanatically-religious cult that exists only to brainwash people into killing. It's been that way for years.

To think otherwise is delusional.

I am deeply confused with how the investigators and prosecution could allow this case to go on with so many open ends and unexplained questions. Although it is a terrible act of injustice to Ashley and all that knew her, this is how law is practiced not only in the military, but in the United States. If the investigators fail to answer the questions and are sloppy with the scene and the prosecution can't prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, the verdict is innocent. In America justice isn't necessarily just it's just a bureaucratic process. My deepest condolences go out to her family as I hope that they will some how find closure.

On a different note those of you who are on here just to spew military hatred and anti-military retoric there are more appropriate forums to express such views, not a forum about the unjustice of a fallen Airman.

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