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Lower 9th Ward: March 2006

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Lower 9th Ward: August 2006

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April 07, 2010


FTFA: "Southworth, a Republican,[ed. note: No shit.] says in his letter that he could charge teachers with contributing to the delinquency of a minor, depending on the specifics of cases he reviews.

"If a teacher instructs any student aged 16 or younger how to utilize contraceptives under circumstances where the teacher knows the child is engaging in sexual activity with another child - or even where the 'natural and probable consequences' of the teacher's instruction is to cause that child to engage in sexual intercourse with a child - that teacher can be charged under this statute" of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, he wrote.

He said the law went too far because it required teachers not to teach students about the effects of birth control, but on how to properly use them, "which turns objective instruction into implicit encouragement and advocacy."

What a fucking idiot. Another "teaching about shit is the same as making it happen" moron.

However, while he's a douche here, he's actually done something good in this world. So kudos for that, but he should get his head and his ass wired together before he starts talking about sex ed.

So the county DA says you can't teach sex ed. But the State Ed Board says you have to. And the federal dollars say you have to.

Even though I may be more sympathetic to the DA's idea, who is the low man on the totem pole ?

Jude, I saw those stories when searching to see if this was the same Southworth I knew of. Which is why the post is less harsh than it was initially.

All this sex-ed shit just comes across as pointless college-level political attention-seeking. It is not, in any way, going to fix any of the problems in the world. But hey, his name's on the front page!


This guy has got his head stuck in places dark and smelly. So instead of trying to prevent more teenagers getting pregnant he believes telling them about it will create more teenage sexual desire to have sex.What kind of political bullshit is he spewing. Oh telling kids not to drink is just like telling them how to mix them. This guy may have done excellent things in the world. But he should come off his unicorn in the clouds and get back to some effing reality.


If there's a state law requiring sex-ed for certain grades, and Southworth is telling school districts in his county to disobey that law, then he's gone rogue, and is violating his oath of office and his bar requirements.

That's unethical behavior, which, in saner times, would get him disbarred.

It wouldn't be the first time the laws are contradictory. Legislators aren't the best at thinking through the 2nd and 3rd order effects of their laws.

Actually, I don't care what this idiot has done in the world. But, his unlawful actions, in telling these school districts, to violate federal law is criminal. According to the constitution fed law takes precident over state and local laws. The U.S. Justice department needs to beguin an investigation on this idiot, who is putting our children in harms way. Teens will be teens and they WILL experiment sexually. They need to be taught the best way to prevent pregnancies, and helping prevent STD's. He(DA), is now placing the teens in the state in danger of unwanted pregnancies, and STD's. HE should be the one prosecuted for contributing to the deliquency of minors, by needlessly placing them in MORE danger than before!!!!!

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