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Lower 9th Ward: March 2006

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January 21, 2011


Or Olbermann didn't want to work there with Comcast in charge and took a contract deal. It wouldn't be the first time NBC handed out free money to someone because of a contract i.E Conan.

Well, the network suits can say it wasn't a firing, but Keith sure seems to think it was. "...who has ever been told what I've been told; that this is going to be the last edition of your show...".

For a while, there seemed to be too many guest hosts - like they were holding auditions.

Only problem is that none of the guest hosts seemed to have enough snarkiness to attract my viewing.

Wonder what happened to Anti-trust allowing Comcast to control both TV stations and a cable line up.

@Maple: FCC signed off on the merger. The anti-trust laws are rarely enforced any more, alas.

Fuck Comcast just because, and I have to admit I haven't watched Keith regularly in a while, but I do remember watching him in the dark days of the Bush administration, and god DAMN if it wasn't a miracle seeing somebody on the teevee actually say the stuff we DFHs were saying to each other out here in the reality-based community.

It's hard to remember, now, just how rare such voices were in the beginning. His was one of them, and whatever shit he pulled in recent years, I'll always be grateful for that.


Well, as Keith likes to say, "we're all day-to-day."

@A: I've remained a semi-regular viewer and the good suff continued to outweigh the bad. Jeez, I sound like a dietician or something. Me, I like Keith, he makes me laugh and think. I can be irascible myself at times.

BTW: Remember who it was Keith made contributions to?

Jack Conway, who was running for Senate against Rand Paul; Raul Grijalva, an Arizona Congressman who has been a guest on the show both before and since; and another rather obscure Member of Congress from Arizona, Gabrielle Giffords.

Somehow that James Thurber short story Keith read following his farewell comments seemed appropriate, symbolically speaking. I wonder if he selected this one after being informed that this would be his last Countdown? Maybe Keith, while between gigs, will do his own Webcast or YouTube offerings. I'd watch. He always was right on the mark, especially when taking on the Big Lie Republicans, you know, the porcupine conservatives with their knife-like quills. Or was it MSNBC management or Comcast that Keith was alluding to? Or all of them?

I'm in the extreme minority here - but: it's the zillionth firing/quitting of a talented but pompous broadcaster who has managed to self-immolate at every job he's had.

Lone liberal voice in the wilderness...yada yada yada. He saw a market share and he took it, primarily because it was an audience that would fellate his giant ego. The ratings were just lagniappe. He'll be fine, and so will we.

Maddow's twice as smart and one-tenth as self-absorbed. All hail the Queen.

Ah, well, corporate pique has to figure into this--Donohue had the top-rated show on MSNBC, and he was summarily fired because he invited unwelcomed debate. Olbermann's situation is no different--he's pretty much averaged top ratings, too.

Anyone who thinks Maddow isn't on the chopping block, as well, had better watch the signs and portents in the next few months. Comcast won't ax her tomorrow, because they don't want to leave too many fingerprints at the scene of the crime.

The family that owns Comcast is more extreme than even Rupert Murdoch, so they're going to remake NBC/MSNBC in their own image.

Count on it.

I'd just like to say -


Someone had to.


I had just posted on FB how good it was that Keith did a segment with Josh Marshall. Josh posted that had had no idea that it was Keith's last show until he got a press release from MSNBC on his way home. Keith was a voice in the wilderness back in 2002-2003. And to that I say, THANK YOU, SIR!

montag is right, Rachel's days at MSNBC are numbered. MSNBC will be remolded in a Fox-lite with even less content, if that's possible.

The corporate-controlled "news" business is being retooled so that all that's available to the public are views ranging from far right to hard fascist right; and with anti-trust a thing of the past, this is going to get easier & easier to do.

The internet will be the next target. We'll soon be looking back on 1995-2010 as the Golden Age of Information.

"...especially in covering the bottomless pit of venality and mendacity that was the Bush administration."

Unlike Steve King, Mr Olbermann knew, at least, the definition of mendacity. I hope he simply got fed up and told them all to go fuck themselves.

There has been some uncertainty expressed as to Comcast's role in all this. Make no mistake: Comcast required that it be done as a condition of the purchase.

Think about it. No matter what the level of pique at NBC with Olbermann over whatever, no way do GE's lawyers let NBC/MSNBC management unilaterally depreciate the asset on the eve of the closing. If you don't understand that you don't understand how corporations work, and their lawyers think.

No, this had to be done at the behest of Comcast, who wanted it done but wanted not to be in the room when it happened.

why are no fux gnews canned? like o'really.

The message will change when ownership changes. #msnbc #olbermann #comcast #CorporateMedia #MSM #not

billyblog, I think that you have it right. ComcastNBC waited until they wouldn't pay a regulatory price for firing Keith. But anyone who thinks that Comcast hasn't been "dropping suggestions" to GE is naive. Illegal and Highly Improper, of course, but so what - the Justice Department is in on the fix.

Good summing up in that last paragraph.

It's not like they would have had to convince GE all that hard; GE has been solidly in the corner for evil and monopolism for decades. Tell me: Who hosted GE Theater lo those many, many years ago?

(God, GE are evil corporate fucks. I should know; I used to work for a company that worked for them, and they had the whole thing down pat.)

Of course, Comcast's fingerprints are all over this: the host of the highest rated and most profitable show on MSNBC was cancelled so they had to sign off on it.

@kevin: As big of a Keith fan as I am, he is notoriously hard to work with and/or supervise. I do, however, think his views are sincere.

The thing I like about KO is how human he is. We've seen him warts and all and watched him go through the deaths of his parents, which was, of course, the reason for all the guest hosts.

Anyway, I'm biased because Keith is my peer so there are some generational things we have in common. The dude made me laugh and that's a good thing.

The chorus gets more homogenized.

Look for Maddow, O'Donnel, and Ed to get the axe soon too.

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