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Lower 9th Ward: March 2006

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    These are stills captured from video shot March 2006 in the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans specifically the area between N. Claiborne, Florida Ave, Tupelo and Tennessee.

Lower 9th Ward: August 2006

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    These are photos and stills captured from video taken August 2006 of the Lower 9th Ward specifically the area between N. Claiborne, Florida Ave, Tupelo and Tennessee.

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February 18, 2011


I'm so proud of Scout and even Jude. They rock and rule.

Adrastos I'm so lucky to be here and see this.

Now we have to all get together because you and Jude together would be a Heluva Hoot

wow. Just wow. I have genuinely never seen anything like it....

Thank you scout!

"Elections have consequences." Wasn't that the Dem slogan in 2009. Walker ran on this and the people voted him in to do this. I realize it is painful but in a democracy sometimes the other guy wins, no matter how many demonstrators the Dems bus in. At some point this will pass. The people want him to do this.

C-H: That argument is tired. Very tired. "The people" wanted blacks to remain segregated. Hell, stay slaves. "The people" wanted women not to vote. Sometimes social justice comes from a vocal group making it loud and clear that something is not right and has to change.

I've been in one of those rotundas, that must be some LOUUUUUUUDDDDD stuff *earplugs*

Mr. A - you are absolutely correct about the history rights in America, but little In this situation comports with those examples. This is not an infringement on rights or even a constitutional question. These are beurocratic and financial issues. Don't like the compensation offered by the WI as an employer? Then you can avail yourself to other remidies, including finding another employer or starting your own business. Otherwise you are an employee of the the people of WI. And they have made thief intentions clear. It may be a tired argument, but no less true.

and a big THANK YOU to Wisconsin and everyone there. Your friends in Vermont stand with you and support you 100%.

This is not an infringement on rights

Yes, in fact, it is.

And democracy doesn't stop with an election. Dissent is a part of the process, even in non-Egyptian democracies.

Just amazing. So glad Scout and Jude and all of First Draft is weighing in on this.

These are beurocratic and financial issues.

No. Actually, this is about tyranny. Brutal, sociopathic, destructuive tyranny.

It may 'pass' and the other guy may 'win' and the consequences may be all on the backs of the vanquished but I am so proud that they are at least going to scream bloody hell about it.

"finding another employer"...like who? like where? walmart?

"or starting your own business'....what? mowing your lawn? FUCK YOU

Hey, C-H, funny how contracts are sacrosanct until employers decide they don't feel like keeping their part of the deal, isn't it? And the workers ARE availing themselves of other remedies-it's call the right to free speech and peaceful assembly.

It's not a "financial issue" exactly when the governor of a state decides to trash the state budget by giving tax breaks to his corporate friends and then decides to balance the budget not by rescinding those tax breaks but by union-busting and displacing the burden on middle-class public employees. It's a governance issue, and in this particular case, it's spectacularly bad governance, which does deserve to get yelled about. Winning an election doesn't (or shouldn't) give you carte blanche to drive your jurisdiction into the ground; that's sort of like getting a pilot's license just so you can crash planes onto suburban neighbourhoods.

Devastating facts on the results of GOP policies on America. Only 5 states do not have collective bargaining for educators and have deemed it illegal.
Their ranking on ACT/SAT scores:
South Carolina - 50th
North Carolina - 49th
Georgia - 48th
Texas - 47th
Virginia - 44th

Wisconsin is currently ranked #2.
Is it really a mystery why people are fighting this?

Yeah, I love how the Teabaggies are always screaming about how Obama and the Dems are shredding the constitution, but damned if they can come up with a coherent example of it. Someone else exercises their ACTUAL constitutional rights, like the right to peacable assembly and redress of grievances, and they get all pompous about "the people have spoken" etc. Somehow that didn't apply to them when they were disrupting (and sometimes, not peacefully) the townhall meetings. They were mum about the obstruction of the Senate process by the secret holds and requiring everything to get a supermajority. Where was the tut-tutting of the corporate media? I don't remember any. But now we get the Villagers, the know-nothings that follow Beck, Limbaugh, Fox News and the Astroturfed mythology of the teabag cult weighing in with their fictional talking points, saying the unions don't even have a right to assemble. Assholes.
The hypcrisy of it all serves to underscore its real purpose: the corporate take over of government, aka fascism.

Also, the teatards are jeolous that they can't muster more than a couple thousand without having Fux news do it for them. They're pathetic, but blinded by the Dunning-Kruger, so they don't realize their own idiocy.

So this is what happens when Democrats stand up for their values???

WHO WOOD A THUNK IT, eh Barack? Harry? Chris, Chuck, all you gutless yellow dogs, etc?

It's about goddamned time, I hope it never stops until that POS Governor quits because he can't take it, just like the useless palin thing.

Thanks to all the First Draft crew for your fine work on this. Power to the people!

Seriously, this just reminded me and inspired me to go vote today and take my husband with me. Wow.

Walker campaigned on cutting wages and benefits. He did not campaign on destroying collective bargaining rights forever. He also did not -- in a so-called budget crisis -- campaign on no-bid contracts for his supporters, but it's in this bill. So is the authority to cut health care for the poor, the elderly and the disabled.
The first amendment, that the Tea Partiers claim to be so fond of, guarantees the "right of the people peaceably to assemble" and to "petition the government for redress of grievances." This is what we're seeing, not a bunch of people merely unhappy with Walker's election.

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