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First Draft Krewe in NOLA

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Lower 9th Ward: March 2006

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    These are stills captured from video shot March 2006 in the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans specifically the area between N. Claiborne, Florida Ave, Tupelo and Tennessee.

Lower 9th Ward: August 2006

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    These are photos and stills captured from video taken August 2006 of the Lower 9th Ward specifically the area between N. Claiborne, Florida Ave, Tupelo and Tennessee.

Paying The Bills

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April 12, 2011


I think you've discovered something about traditional masculinity.

Ain't no bigger coward than a bully.

Wow all those people walking in with raised fists...goosebumps.

I really think our government is broken

BFD. So a bunch of over-fed, union jerks showed up at a meeting. What the fuk does this show? That union people know how to chant? American is fed-up with union abuses and bullying. Unions are dinosaurs...

I am amused that the hearing was held under a sign that says Concessions. All the concessions are being done by the people in the audience.

What it shows, numbnuts, is that the American people are getting pissed. I have a suggestion for you, tuffy wuffy - seek one of these rallies out and run that fat yap of yours as such.

I would pay good money to watch these "union jerks" deal with your pussilanimous little woo-woo ass.

Why yes, yes I would.

Oh Billy (Billy...what are you, fukking 10?) I attend plenty of rallies and don't need to go to Wisconsin to do so. All you union pussies talk a big game and act real tough when you are in groups. But by your very nature, you need of protection. That's why you joined the union in the first place. You guys are nothing as individuals. In fact, I would enjoy nothing more than one of you union bitches to come after me. So, take your hollow threats and shove them up your ass. Dickwad.

Billy B - that will have to wait until "justanoversight" isn't washing the cheetos dust from his hands and having to vacuum his mom's basement.

Oh, and JAO - lay off the cussword usage, there are MUCH better eff-bomb artists and EFFECTIVE expletive users on this blog than you will EVER hope to achieve.
Go wash you shart-stained drawers will ya' - you're stinking up the joint.

Ewwwwwwww....Elspeth....yer killin me. You guys got nothing to say but lame insults. Why don't you go back to the bar and cry about how you guys work sooooo hard and life isn't fair so you need your little union and the gummint to help you get through life. Loser.

ignore the troll who thinks he is ever so smart. tho he is a tool of the rite wing rich. by tool i mean an allen wrench. fairly useless.

um, shit. i guess i gotta swear now.

I really loathe AOL kiddiespeak and the inability to spell curse words correctly. Also, nobody abuses our commenters but me, so enjoy your ban.


Come on, people, don't feed the trolls.
But if I may just correct something...
'Over fed', no. This is just how Wisconsinites look after our usual long winter. It's kind of like reverse hibernation, you start hitting the warm comfort food (translation: lots of things covered in cheese) in October, followed by venison stick snacks and venison jerky snacks, keep the beer coming etc. in November, then good German bakery in December, then there's the super bowl preparties, then the Super bowl parties, you get the picture; it's how we get through the winter. Most of them actually looked pretty svelte for Wisconsin in April. Must have been all that activity in Madison in January, February and March - beats mall-walking any day.
So, no hatin' on the cuddly Wisconsinites, union or non-, please.

"American is fed-up with union abuses"

Actually, they're fed up with you.


Jeez, I missed out on this thread but then again I ignore trolls but they thrive on attention. I do wish trolls could spell though.

As I have said many times before, "shame" is an ineffective word with the Republicans because they have none, despite their horrendous actions. They know they are acting shamefully and unethically, but with the power of Fox News and AM radio they can get by.

The word they will understand is "recall." Even if they aren't up for the actual recall process, they know it means they will be voted out.

Not every local Republican has Waukesha County to bail them out.

more hot chocolate than cheese. made with milk and hershey bars cause bissingers $$$.
we all must sacrifice.

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