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Lower 9th Ward: March 2006

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Lower 9th Ward: August 2006

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September 28, 2011


Thanks for the info Virgo. My question from the first has been whether the infraction were the PDA or the fact that it was gay. I've seen both heteros and homos having PDAs which I just as soon had rather not see.

So why did the LA Times package this as a "celebrity gossip" story rather than a "human rights" story?

Me too Maple, but you think a lot of straight people get tossed off planes for kissing?

well said.

Truth. I'm ashamed nobody else on the plane spoke up and told that flight attendant that they should keep their closed mindedness to themselves, and not bother passengers with such offensive and discriminatory behavior.

Problem thought, Cousin Pat, is under the Terrah! Terrah! Terrah! the flight attendants have been made extremely powerful. Talk back and go to jail.

Here's to pickin' fights over civil rights.

I think there are ways to make displeasure known without getting kicked off a plane. A simple calmly asked question: "how would I lodge complaints about your service and behavior with company management? I want to make sure that a record of your disgusting and bigoted behavior exists officially."

I think tbat kind of response is possible but I strongly disagree that it should be expected behavior on the part of someone who's just been on the receiving end of predjudice and hatred. When that has happened to me, especially when it was in public, I experienced a physical sensation much like being struck. I had a hard time breathing much less formulating a polite and civil response. Also, with all due respect,"displeasure" doesn't even begin to describe it.
I'm not saying people shouldn't be held responsible if their anger actually harms someone, but in my opinion, suggesting someone should be able to remain calm, collected and civil right after someone has just shit on them is, at the very least, unrealistic.

What really needed to happen is that someone should have complained to the flight attendant that their flight experience was being negatively impacted by the cessation of lesbian snogging and could the flight attendant please remove the pr0n-hating prude from the airplane so the rest of us could enjoy our flight. If they ignore oyu, the case of discrimination is airtight since they are only removing certain passengers. If the attendant follows through, you get the warm, fuzzy feeling of God's approval that the shite-for-brains just got booted

Virgo - I don't think that kind of reaction should be expected from the targets of such nonsense. I DO believe that should have been the reactions of several bystanders, who I am ashamed did not stand up for their fellow Americans in solidarity.

I know that whole plane wasn't populated with bigots, but apparently no one had the grit to go on record at the time and express their dismay towards the staff. Complicity through silence. They might be able to bully 2 people off a plane and get away with it, but what if it were 8 or 9 people standing up for what was right?

I think I would rather hear the whole damn story before jumping to conclusions. If the flight attendant got in their face for a kiss, yes, then Southwest, that flight attendant and the "offended family" are in the wrong. But I honestly don't have any clue what really happened here. I only see one side of the story, and the person telling that side has a vested interest in painting it in as bad a light as possible.

Mothra, the first link above is to a story that references both Southwest statements-they issued two- as well as Hailey's.

A real "family airline" would require that all heterosexual couples f*ck during the flight. You can't get any more pro-family than that.

unless you are in the same row, it is unlikely anybody can see squat. tho i have only flown 1 time since 2003.

I'm wondering if the other passengers heard the initial offensive remark. I kind of doubt that the flight attendant announced it over the loudspeaker. Perhaps the lack of solidarity was more the result of the initial bigoted remark's being inaudible to most of the passengers.

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