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March 26, 2012


I can't believe they're STILL on the Birther bus; I thought they drove that one into the ground long ago.

You would think that over the last few years, with all the reasons Obama has given them to hate him, that they'd have moved on to a more "reality based" shrieking.


I do not understand the right-wing's reflexive defense of George Zimmerman. Usually when the wingnuts go on the attack -- like in the Sandra Fluke case, for instance -- it's easy to discern their motivation. Sandra Fluke spoke out in support of Obama, Obama is evil, therefore Sandra Fluke is evil. Also, socialized medicine, sexity sex, birth control, etc.

But this case has me flummoxed. I don't know if anyone has been over to Little Green Footballs and followed Charles Johnson's ongoing thing with Dan Riehl but it's just hilarious, in a sad way. Riehl claiming photos the media has been running of Trayvon Martin were "lightened" to make him look more "innocent" (light now means innocent? Really?) and as racist as that stupid assumption is, it's not even true because the photo he was referring to was a picture of Martin off a rally sign, not in the newspaper , so of course it will look different. Michelle Malkin picked it up I mean, it's just insane. Now it's all "media bias!" I'm like, what? An unarmed innocent minor killed by a neighborhood watch guy is suddenly a partisan issue?

So what the hell is going on? Is it the right's racism? Is it their pro-gun stance? Like, if someone is killed they must have been doing something wrong? All black teenagers deserve to die?

What the hell is their issue? I really just don't get it.

So much of Freeperville is just homage to the No True Scotsman fallacy. I wonder how much total content is devoted to arguing over who is a true conservative and who is a RINO.

And as far as the birther thing: I thin these were the people who, as kids, would consistently make up new rules to childhood games until they finally won. They are the most dangerous of political elements, because they don't really believe in their country, Constitution, or democracy. They only believe those things when they result in the election of a pale skinned Christianist with a dick.

Thanks Tommy T!

Very welcome, lady Loralei.

SB - I come to heap red-hot coals of ridicule on the Freeperati, not psychoanalyze them.
As Sigmund so often says: "I'm on vacation".



Remember, one of those kids who constantly made up new rules until he finally won was president for eight years. I think the birthers miss him, even though I'm not sure they'll ever admit it.

Thanks for delving through the insanity again Tommy!

@Razor Eddie
The birthers love the idea that Obama isn't really President because it allows them to feel that the right didn't lose the 2008 election, it was stolen from them. Following this reasoning, everything bad that Obama has done since elected (i.e. everything that has happened since 2008) will be magically reversed once this fraud is revealed. These fantasies, along with a side order of racism, help drive the birther dream.

@Southern Beale
I 'd guess that the Trayvon story has just the right combination of gun rights, racism and biased liberal media reporting that appeals to the right, although this doesn't quite make sense, even allowing for their typical twisted reasoning. I'd also like a better idea of what the hell motivates them, assuming it doesn't drive me insane.

RE: birthers. During the Clinton Administration the repubs very often, on hearing "President Clinton", would shout out "He's not my president!" Even with Clinton, born and bred in Arkansas of lilly-white parents, they couldn't cope with the thought that a dem could be prez. Looking at the combination of Clinton and Carter, even though Carter was born-again evangelical, they couldn't deal with him being a Southerner (likewise Clinton).

RE: making up rules. Calvin Ball anyone ?

Southern Beale--

I do not understand the right-wing's reflexive defense of George Zimmerman.

Don't try too hard. On that path lies madness. But, if like Perseus with Medusa, you glance at it in a mirror you can get some understanding and remain sane. Basically: 1) Black kid shot dead by neighborhood watch "captain" (reported as white); 2) Kid was black, probably a mugger, drug dealer, burglar; 3) Brave white guy proudly defends himself from scary black guy, standing his ground and using a gun; 4) It turns out the white guy is half Latino, and possibly half Jewish; 5) OK, change the narrative--not quite what they wanted, but better than a scary black guy, and anyway supporting him proves they're not racist; 6) but anyway, somebody exercised his second amendment right to shoot scary black guys.

That's about it. Don't try to go any further without an emergency psychiatric team standing by (or a team of trained logicians).

But this case has me flummoxed. I don't know if anyone has been over to Little Green Footballs and followed Charles Johnson's ongoing thing with Dan Riehl [...]

Yep, been following it with a mixture of shock, awe and hilarity.


[...] there is and has always has been one important fact known to ALL these men to be a Constitutional FACT missing. That non negotiable FACT is that according to the Constitution, Barack Hussein Obama is NOT eligible to be placed on the ballot, let alone occupy his present position as President of the United States of America!

“The Golden Thread that runs through British Justice is the Presumption of Innocence.” --Horace Rumpole

“The Putrid Thread that runs through South Freepistan is the presumption that a black man cannot be President.” --Kibitzer

“The Golden Thread that runs through Tommy T’s Obsession is the Presumption of Freepus Stupidity.” --Kibitzer

[...] Levin is the one that has disappointed me the most when I heard him disenfranchise many of his loyal listeners on Jan 19th, 2010 (may have been the 20th) by referring to those that even questioned the eligibility issue as (paraphrasing) ignorant and foolish. [February 19, 2012 5:57:10 AM by Chance Hart]

“Disenfranchise?” I guess calling ignorant and foolish people “ignorant and foolish” somehow prevents them from voting. Or something. Oh, I forgot the Golden Thread Principle.

BTW, Hildy, you do know the Phoenix New Times is a notoriously left-wing publication, don’t you ? Babeu is the second-most prominent Sheriff in AZ in leading on the immigration/invasion issue (to the point that he would also be viewed as an enemy by the WH/Napolitano, et al). The open borders types would stoop to anything to destroy him. It’s why anything reported by the leftist media can be taken with a grain of salt. [February 18, 2012 1:01:29 AM by fieldmarshaldj]

I guess the field marshal missed Babeu’s press conference.

[Random Freepus drivel omitted] [Friday, February 17, 2012 7:38:45 AM by EternalVigilance (It is very difficult, if not impossible, to reach those who deny what is self-evident.)]

Which explains why sanity has never reached the Freepi.


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