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Lower 9th Ward: March 2006

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June 07, 2012


Really wish the WiDems had done and continue to do more outreach with increased Barrett presence in northwest and northeast farm country. Ohio, for instance, has shown that many agrarians are reasonable and don't vote from their guns or forsaken souls.

I'm really surprised how one of the prevailing sentiments THE NEXT DAY was that removing Walker by going through a recall was a bad idea, destined to fail, should be reserved for official misconduct, etc.

One: A recall is not an impeachment. Impeachment is typically for high crimes and misdemeanors and what-not; a recall is for officials that are incompetent or, in this case, working against the interests of the people he has sworn to serve.

Two: As far as I've heard, WI Dems and anti-Walker types BUSTED THEIR ASSES to comply with the recall process; this includes collecting a fuckton of signatures, and surviving multiple bullshit challenges by Walker and his cronies. To me, calling the recall "illegitimate" is demonstrably untrue.

Three: Walker is going to blow Wisconsin to pieces to please his corporate masters and ruin the lives of the people of the state, and instead of having to wait until 2014 and hoping that there's enough shreds of the unions and working class left to vote him out, you guys got an opportunity to do it two years early. YOU TAKE IT.

I was going to make a post of this, but what the fuck. I never post anymore anyway. Here goes.

Jesus, Mary, and motherfucking Joseph. I like how the consensus seems to be settling on "It was stupid to try."

Oh really, assholes? So if we hadn't done anything, if we'd just bent over, smiled, and said "GIVE IT TO ME GOOD, SCOTTY!", then things would have been okay? That would have shown what, exactly?

These useless pricks have a narrative ready for any outcome. Say the recall didn't gather enough signatures in the first place? "Madison liberals out-of-touch with state."

Walker gets bounced in a recall election? "Anger over union pay issues cuts governor's term short."

And this? "It was stupid to try and fight back," this bullshit? Listen, fucksockets: It's never stupid to try. I've got a whole shitload of ancestors who tried, and so does everybody else. You know what happens to the people who don't try to fight back? Look up Henri Petain. Or Vidkun Quisling. People whose very names and institutions are now synonymous with being pieces of shit.

When it becomes a sin to stand up and fight back, you can go ahead and mail me my one-way ticket to hell. What a bunch of spineless, stupid assholes. For as much as I hate the Republican base, they know how to fight. Not like our Principled Centrists and Liberal Leaders and Progressive Pundits. Get to fighting or get out of the way, assholes.

I find myself thinking about Nicholson as McMurphy in "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest":

"But I tried, didn't I? Goddamnit, at least I did that."

(And, of course, even though he failed, in the end he had shown Chief Bromden a way to escape.)

we don't do do-overs here.

When Republicans lose it's because liberals suck and when Democrats lose it's because liberals suck.

At last, bipartisanship!


Yeah, that was a point I was trying to make, Jude. Really? The day after the recall, everyone and their mother just KNEW that it was a bad idea all along?

If this were coming from the GOP, I'd say their talking points courier was really johnny-on-the-spot that day.

I agree wholeheartedly with your comments, A. Well done.

I would add two other things as addenda to what you have said: we should not forget the past, and should always remember our true friends are.

When we talk about Wisconsin folks who identify as conservative and vote against their interests, we need to be aware of the irony involved in making such statements--

First, I have no argument with pointing out that these folks are voting against their greater interests. But far to often I see such remarks paired with a credulous call for Obama in November. Huh? Talk about voting against your interests! The irony is thick.

To save space, here’s a nice summary of the issues with Obama, including the ususal “lesser evil” and Supreme Court nominee red herrings:


Also add that Obama didn’t step foot in Wisconsin during the entire recall process. I’ve seen so-called Dems apologize for this as the “smart” move. I’d say its calculating and cowardly to leave the heart and soul of your base out in the cold.

But I guess the “Charlie Brown” progressives are ready to take another kick at President Lucy’s football in November.

IMHO, the only reason to work alongside the Obama campaign and to remain neutral about or (gag) nominally supportive of Obama, at least outside the voting booth, is to help GOTV for the WISCONSIN democrats, especially state senators and representatives, that will be up for reelection in November.

Know who your friends are. And carry on the struggle– FOR WISCONSIN!

I'll stand up for Senator Jauch and Representative Milroy, because they have stood up for me, and the very earth I stand on. ( I live too damn close to that mine they tried to shove through.)
The rest had better start doing a lot more to prove they deserve me.

Thank you.

I don't think it was wrong to try at all. But I do think that we blame effort too often in politics. For the recall to succeed, there had to be a 4-5% swing in voters. I think one of the takeaways is that in this case, the 4-5% just weren't troubled by Walker's agenda as much as we would have hoped. I don't believe it was due to a non-visit from Obama or how hard people tried. It was that labor rights and corporatist policies weren't a voting issue for that swing percent.

People seem to vote for self-interest rather than collective interest to a greater degree currently. In Ohio, I am convinced the only reason the union busting law was overturned by referendum was because people were afraid to lose essential services like fire. The loss of fire and police protection was the central theme of the campaign. We can second guess that maybe messaging the loss of essential services would have been a better strategy than going after Walker's legal troubles, but let's not blame it on not working hard enough.

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