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Lower 9th Ward: March 2006

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September 21, 2012


A few off-topics:

1) Per A's post today on the fund drive, you're into herps ?

2) Size 12-14 is normal? I know that MO has one of the highest percentages of Obese folk. I'm no beanpole myself. But to picture 12 as "normal" sized ?

In all seriousness, I'm overweight (by BMI I don't fit the obese but I am overweight). I don't give a lot of attention to fashion/etc. Just so I don't get arrested for indecent exposure, I'm OK. But I have to agree with (as I remember hearing on TV back to my childhood and can even remember a line from "Hazel" (?sic, the series/sitcom about the maid who makes everything work out right) mentions of how the designers need to develop lines for people of all body types. There are times when anybody (including myself) want to dress in a way that is complementary. All morals aside, simple economics should tell you that there are more people out there who are plus sized and just waiting to be exploited. The market is barely tapped.

More about your point - bullying:

As elementary/high school I wore a bull's eye target for bullies. Overweight. Found academics easy. Thin skinned. Not good at team sports. Out of fear, parents kept me away from opportunities for free social interaction.....

Seeing a lot that is coming out about bullying now backed up by the TV you mention (Simon Cowl berating auditioners, Hell's kitchen bullying the prep staff, the designer complaining about the model standing defenseless right in front of him......) we **LIKE** seeing bullies. On the playground, rather than the bullied banding together, it is much more common to see the rest of the playground to smell red meat and form ranks behind the bully (supposedly, it lets the rest of the playground vicariously gain a sense of power by being on the winning team. Dare I scream USA! USA! USA! and we Americans are bad MFs because we have the bomb ?

I don't know if it is more accurate to say that Bullies gravitate to certain atmospheres or if the training for certain professions brings out the bully on them. So the Hells Kitchen guy is really typical in the upperline, cultured food industry. In medicine, Surgeons come to mind (though they can turn on the charm for their patients. Ignoring the literature showing that even while put under, patients absorb some of the OR atmosphere and the quality of that atmosphere influences the outcome).

You describe what sounds like a late elementary to high school teacher. No question that the quality of the interpersonal interaction influences the efficacy of teaching.

All this to say that I still don't know how to take computer folks giving tech support. In my case, by degree and job, I am a librarian. Part of the Librarian training is to drill in to verify that you have correctly understood what the patron is looking for and always go back to the patron and give them a chance to ask for further assistance. A good reference librarian will get you started. Then in a little bit come back and give you an easy opening to tell them that you want more help / their original instruction didn't work. It is as simple as observing their body language (with electronic remote access, alas, a lot of this is much more difficult). Simply say Howz it going ? Let me know if you need anything else. Are you finding what you need?

I also have a strong technical background on computers starting with Bachelor of Engineering using Fortran IV on punch cards. As a librarian, today's electronic media mean that you work closely with IT - when helping the patron there is always the initial question on if the problem is on using the library resources or a problem traceable to the technology.

I have hear computer bullies. I even lost one position where a significant portion of it was that a computer prima donna felt threatened by me as I could understand what he was saying and even suggest alternatives. But for the most part, what I see happening with IT people giving help is lack of skills in providing assistance/frustration with explaining something which is relatively simple to them to someone who just isn't getting it / etc.

I love your Mom. And you're a good son.

I got "totally unaware of social norms and regular person manners" from Ven, which of course is a thing that happens to you when you've been bullied. I don't think he was actually intentionally trying to be mean. I just don't think other people are real to him in any sense, so the idea that this girl heard what he was saying was a total surprise, like, hey, you really exist? That's asshole behavior, absolutely, but I didn't see it as bullying so much as arrogance.


I have a whole thing about this that I think needs to be a separate post.


Best thing I've read today. Thanks.

You love, Elena, A? Can't stand her even if she's incredibly hot.

I think A was touched by a dominatrix nanny with a Nazi/leather fetish. That's the only possible explanation for this...

Whatever you say lizard boy. My twitter friends are ready to see yours...

First off, don't read too much into reality shows. They're edited to make caricatures of the contestants. Whoever Ven is in real life, he no doubt seldom resembles the character the producers have created for him.

Second, a really interesting study a while back (having trouble finding the link, read it in Science News's print version) noted that bullies aren't aware that they're bullies. They report considering the people they bully as friends, but the bullied people do not likewise rate them the same. If asked, the computer instructor might say that he was using humor as a teaching tool, or simply not comprehend that he behavior was hurting a student.

I can't help it, I may disagree sometimes w/Michael Kors, but otherwise I ADORE him... :) I think he reminds me of some of my snarky friends.

Mrs Aaaargh and I watch this show religiously. It's just so catty. But yes, Ven is a total dick and Elena is some kind of psycho.

Bullies believe that bullying is the normal form of human interaction.
That is the lesson that they teach many of their victims.
And I'm not entirely sure they're wrong.

You have snarky friends, ER? I did not know that...

Thanks for this story Doc. It's been a weird dysfunction junction week at work and this helped to put it into perspective.

Also, you and your mom rock.

I'm a new reader. Great post. You are a good child.

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