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September 03, 2012


Palin's gravy train has ended. Don't you think, given the Rove interview in Businessweek, that they paid Palin a good stiff fee to attack Akin?


This stupid dink did not just wake up one day spouting inflammatory inappropriate drivel.

No, poppet, he's been saying it for years, except that until he ran for an office that actually mattered nobody gave a flying fuck. Honestly. He's not even the dumbest man in Congress right now, so where everybody gets off acting like he tarnished the noble conservative cause I will never understand.


"The Moron Senator" isn't a senator at all. Akin is a U.S. Representative who is the GOP nominee for U.S. Senate (until and unless they figure a way to crowbar him out). It's typical of the Freeper crowd that they seldom seem to know who or what they're talking about. Incorrect attributions are par for this junk-strewn course.


Here in NE MO, the conservatives are still rallying around Akin. I couldn't agree more that Akin has disgraced himself and is a liability for the RNC in general.

As I posted on another thread, Akin has issued a YouTube "apology" (well not really an apology, but he says that he has 2 daughters, believes that rape victims should be treated with dignity, knows that people who are raped can get pregnant..... just never says why he made the comment.) An aquaintance posted the URL on facebook. Another person commented. I simply posted that I could give Akin some slack on "legitimate" as poor wording, but that his following pseudoscientific explanation shows that he had thought about it and that WAS what he believed.

In the following exchange (3 messages) my foil's argument came down to 1) McCaskill wasn't pro-life (I can understand that) and that Akin made a "ignorant" (my foil's words) statement. But that my foil also makes ignorant statements so that makes Akin just like him.

RE: Sally Kohn

It isn't that I and Sally Kohn could find a whole lot to agree on.

But the Freepers don't even find Faux to be conservative enough ???

Covenant Theological Seminary, sometimes known as Covenant Seminary, is the denominational seminary of the Presbyterian Church in America

That is where Akin learned what he repeated about "legitimate" rape. Thousands of people repeat this myth as fact all over the country because it is repeated over and over by counselors and ministers who were taught it at Seminary.
Religious organizations cannot be trusted with the education of our children. This disgusting myth is one of many reasons why.

thebewilderness - here's a list of some of Rep. Akin's (who happens to sit on the science committee) hit parade


Both he and Paul Ryan were among the 227 co-sponsors of H.R. 3 (112th congress) No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act. Passed the house 5/4/2011 and placed on the Senate Calendar where it has apparently died.


Included was the introduction of the idea of "forcible rape". In fact, his sponsorship of this bill and elaboration of the pseudoscience of his position on "legitimate" rape both make me distrust his apology - showing prior thought on the matter.

However, please don't lump all religious folk together. They are a quite diverse group of people.

There is no lumping of people. There is a simple declaration in favor of separation of Church and State. Education is the responsibility of the State. Us, the public. Religious organizations such as the Presbyterian Seminar cannot be trusted not to substitute myth for science and even for Biblical writings. Therefore they cannot be trusted to teach and should not be accredited.

Akin in fact DAMAGES the prolife cause not helps it. He is such a selfish SOB he would rather take everyone down with him than take one for the team. His comments we inexcusable and moronic. Akin is an embarrassment and should retire and take a biology course or two. [August 22, 2012 2:39:41 AM by Publius804 (Buckle up - with Obama at the controls it's gonna be a bumpy ride. God help us.]

Of course, in some states Akin would have learned something about biology in junior high. Lord knows what they taught him in Missouri, but it may take several courses just to undo it.

Isn’t it about time for one of those “Where are they now?” columns about the Alaska Airhead? Last I heard she was going to speak at the GOP convention if they came up with a suitably awesome offer. I guess they decided that it was safer to go with the empty chair. Too bad. I was looking forward to brushing up on my word-salad translation skills.


I have done some reading on rhetoric. Apostrophe is defined by rhetoric.byu.edu as "Turning one's speech from one audience to another. Most often, apostrophe occurs when one addresses oneself to an abstraction, to an inanimate object, or to the absent." It sounds like that was what Clint was trying to do, but it sound like not even the freepers (that seems to be the 'even the liberal . . .' of the 21st century--how far right has this country gotten?) understood it.

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