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Lower 9th Ward: March 2006

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Lower 9th Ward: August 2006

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September 17, 2012


I always love when wingnuts make up bellicose speeches like that last fantasy speech from Mitt Romney. You can just see the commenter practising in his mirror, can't you? "Our security forces will FIRE. No, wait, wait ... Our security forces will FIRE FOR EFFECT. Yeah, that's it."

Tommy, I love this sort of thing, but I really don't understand how you can do this without developing a serious drinking problem.

In some ways, I can't help but wonder if the Romney smirk isn't an asset to the repubs. It distracts from looking at the pattern of the person who consistently has all the projection of empathy/personal contact/fuzzy warmth of my python eating a rat. The perfect CEO type that delivers news of layoffs without any display of remorse. I have a great problem of hanging something on him from a single picture (after all, you can always choose your frames) but the pattern is rather brutal.

And hats off to the freepers that they apparently don't know enough to make the argument about one frame vs. a pattern.

Geena - I save that for the Crack Van.


Ditto to Geeno. I apologize in advance that the below sounds preachy.

Please drastically limit use of your hands for a while. As much as I look forward to your column, I very selfishly prefer the long term effect of your injury being completely rested.

Of course, even if the brace were a panacea, limiting use of that finger and malpositioning the hand even further and forcing the other parts of the hand to work harder can lead to RSI in other parts of your hand. Not to mention that while the brace is great at easing the immediate inflammation, the brace prevents use of the relevant muscles resulting in weakening of the muscles with a higher chance of re-injury.

Unfortunately, a lot of medicine tends to focus on procedures with the result that a lot of the time the very basic things that have the best long term effects fall by the wayside. Right now you are in the acute phase, so it is probably a little soon, but in the next few visits be sure to ask about:

1) if you're not seeing a PT, ask the doc for info on motion/stretching of the affected hand (I know you just identified the finger, but it is all connected and needs rehab as a unit), re-strengthening the muscles, and physical means such as massage, heat, etc.

2) Ergonomics of the computer station. The prototype computer station is an ergonomic nightmare. Then add on that (and we all do this) we take the laptop to bed and balance a soda on one side and bag of cheetos on the other while typing on the laptop propped on our feet with wrists turned sideways at a 90 degree angle that would make a yogi proud. Unless your doc is a specialist or has a particular interest in ergonomics, they may or may not have an in-depth knowledge of the proper set-up of a workstation. PTs are more likely to have researched this. Fortunately, the rules are pretty easy (monitor at eye level) and your doc and PT should be able to quickly locate appropriate handouts as well as google computer ergonomics.

3) Ergonomic computer input devices. Unfortunately, there are a scad of devices out there marketed as ergonomic mice and keyboards. Unfortunately there are no standards and it looks to me that a lot of them are just devices made in outrageous ultra-modern shapes with no proof of either efficacy or quality of the device itself. You may have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince.

Get the recommendations of your doc and PT as well as asking friends (warning, most friends with RSI are likely working against carpal tunnel so their experiences may not transfer to you). Even in the case of someone I helped with carpal tunnel (and the devices supposedly geared to carpal tunnel), she had to try a lot of devices till she found what worked for her - in her case, replacing the mouse with a joystick-like device made for carpal tunnel).

Take heart. And look forward to a full recovery.


Came from Balloon Juice, some one there recommended your place, excellent to find such a tasteful commentary.

Do take care of your hand. I found the keyboard split in half between the home keys and curved so that each hand had a place to type without the wrist being strained to fit the straight keyboard was an excellent tool to use for mass typing.

Get a really big screen, up high, depending on your vision. If you can, get a pair of glasses just for your screen distance, so you can lift the screen up to a good level without worrying about your bifocal/trifocal glasses.

And keep up the commentary work once your hand is doing better. For what it's worth, I found that my arm and hand pain was as much due to improper shoulder posture as anything - I was lifting and tensing my shoulders whenever I went to use a keyboard. Once I learned to leave my shoulders down and loose 90% of my problem with over-typing for an 8-hour work day went away.


Tommy had better learn how to type left handed. With Romney’s “47%” video out you can hear the craziness through six feet of reinforced concrete. Some of the most entertaining are the ones that think it shows Romney as finally gotten the courage to Fight Back(TM). I guess they either think he just made those remarks (they’re from last spring) or that he’d been cleverly holding the tapes and, in a brilliant stroke of genius, is just now springing them on a helpless Obama. This promises to be entertaining.

[Random Freepus drivel omitted] [Friday, September 14, 2012 1:37:47 PM by GeronL (The Right to Life came before the Right to Pursue Happiness)]

And here I thought live frequently came after the pursuit of happiness.

YEAH! He should have said: "I'm Mitt Romney, and any film that mocks Mohammed and stirs up riots is cool with me!"[Tommy T]

Check the credits on the film: “I’m Mitt Romney and I approve this message.”


And welcome to First Draft, JR - the shoulders thing sounds like a good place to start.


Tommy, take care of that hand and yourself! I love your freeper reviews but your health comes first.

That said, this was a lovely little dose of the crazy. Thanks for taking one for the team. Now, wrap that hand in bubble wrap when you're not doing PT!

Always love your adventures with the Freeper Nuts, but please take care of yourself. Hope it heals soon!

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