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November 10, 2012


Thanks, Tommy! I thought I was going to have to wait for Monday for you to bring on the sweet, sweet wingnut tears. I just can't get enough of this.

Another classic, Mon frere.

Thank you for this, Tommy! Got my RDA of schadenfreude now, along with the promise of more to come on Monday. Life is sweet!

That bottle of GOP tears has been around since 2008, at least. But never has it been as appropriate as this week.

And I'm tired of these assholes threatening to go Galt; just fucking do it already. If nothing else, you'll create job openings for non-batshit crazy people.

Thanks for a bit of fun before Monday. I also recommend this: http://littlegreenfootballs.com/article/41164_Hilariously_Crazed_Wingnut_Rant_of_the_Day

The Freeper melt down is my guilty pleasure.

My official micro-manger Jesús alarm clock woke me two weeks early so I could vote and then sleep all fucking election day. As I sat up till 3 am I tipped a brewski or two watching the reptilian tears run down the sad, sad faces of team loser. Score one for dirty Hippie Jesús.

That was like watching a man light an exploding cigar in real time. Thanks, Tommy!

The wonderful thing about this one:
(see the "body blows" segment of the thread)
It started at 8:30 and was over before 9:30.

Exploding cigar in real time, indeed.
They hardly had time to realize their destruction.


Thanks Tommy T! You deserve a case of those wingnut tears all your own for doing this every week!


I've got to wonder if there isn't a serious side to all the repub bluster. For weeks they've been screaming about how they were going to have a landslide. Obviously they're trying to create their own reality (if they can make the rest of the folks think they will have a landslide, it is possible to gain votes and actually use this to get a landslide).

This time, it blew up in their face (to the point that they believed their own BS and got caught off guard).

Now I'm hearing the news gurus screaming about the impending financial cliff. Of course, over-attention to the matter in cries of terror lead to lower stock market values as people anticipate a decrease. The cries of terror also put pressure on Obama to give in.

In short, are they still trying to play the same tactics ?

And if Bush II's 0.000001% lead in the election got him "substantial political capital" - why don't they admit the same for Obama?

Well-done, Tommy. Read Frum's new eBook-- "Why Romney Lost." The Teabaggers and the Conservative "Media" Puke-Funnelers are going to HATE it!!!! http://www.amazon.com/Why-Romney-Lost-ebook/dp/B00A3EOVKS/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1352573761&sr=1-1&keywords=david+frum+why+romney+lost

He goes there, and names names. Still Frum, but this is well worth the $3.99.

Tommy, I was hoping you'd find too much fun stuff to wait until Monday. Many, many thanks!

@Monkeyfister, Of course I am amazed that Frum is able to put together an analysis so fast. Kind of makes me think the $3.99 is his labor at minimum wage to write it.

But then I see the amazon blurb including "David Frum urges a Republican party that is culturally modern, economically inclusive, and environmentally responsible"

Uh, wouldn't that mean they become liberals if not outright dems ??

Cheers !

And if Bush II's 0.000001% lead in the election got him "substantial political capital" - why don't they admit the same for Obama?

Especially since the difference in votes for Obama/Romney was greater than for Bush/Kerry; 3,202,521 to 3,012,166.

Given that fewer people voted this year than in 2004, that makes it a wider margin as well.

The reason is that Obama is a Democrat, and can therefore never be considered a reasonable representative of the American people. Democratic administrations are exceptions to the normal way of things...

OK, fess up now. Is there anyone, anyone who actually believed Tommy when he said he was taking a week off?

To: CalvaryJohn "... an astounding lack of Obama voters."

Obama voters wake up around noon. [November 06, 2012 5:50:40 AM by Enosh (†)]

That's because we're smarter than the average bear.

They don’t want to admit that Romney is winning BIG....got to keep the DRAMA going so they keep viewers. [November 06, 2012 7:39:02 PM by Jrabbit]

It appears they're still at it, propping up Obama. But I understand Karl Rove knows about a secret trove of absentee ballots that will break the count wide open. Save those Intrade shares along with your graybacks.

Imagine all the Huff Post and DUers reading your posts and laughing so hard, their bellies hurt.

Do you REALLY want to give such satisfaction to your opponents? [November 06, 2012 8:57:21 PM by randita]

Ein shanda fur die goyim.


"Save those Intrade shares along with your graybacks."


First of all a big fuck you to Mitch Romney who lost his shit like a bitch even though my cousin Gandalf - and don't even say shit because I have heard it so many times I will fuck you up if you start with that on me again - convinced me to invest a bunch of money on Mitch Romney on this stupid web page called Intrade. He was like "oh no way dude he has got this you got to unskew that shit and you see the truth" and I am big into truth seeking ever since I learned Ice Hand the lost wendigo martial art from the spirits of past wendigos who appeared to me when I tried smoking one of those pucks that turns your toilet water blue so anyway I did what Gandalf said and invested a ton of money on Intrade and guess what???? Mitch Romney lost. And Gandalf isn't anywhere around, last I saw he checked in on Facebook was at the peach pit, the strip club that's outdoors at a gravel pit during the off season.

It wouldn't be a big deal to me because it wasn't my money, but that's just the problem. It was the Zetas money and now they are after me. Those stupid motherfuckers gave me 18,000 dollars to buy Of Montreal which is what they call Quebec LSD which comes as acid-soaked jigsaw puzzles of dogs and babies and so to cover up that I spent all their LSD money losing it to mitch romneys stupid ass I soaked some puzzles in cream soda and gasoline and I guess I made one of the zetas go blind. So now I got my head on a swivel watching out for the Alpha Omega Zetas to drive up on me in their pickups and drag me off to do some hazing type shit at U of A like blindfold me and make me eat a dog's dook-knot or put my hand in spaghetti or something. I'm too busy to deal with that shit.


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