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Lower 9th Ward: March 2006

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November 12, 2012


Oh my. The well-placed Joe Biden laugh photo was epic! Plus the butthurt from the Freepers....I promised that I would not make fun of rank-and-file R's after the election but I have to make an exception for most of this crew.

There is rising expectation among GOP elites that Palin will probably run for president in 2012 and could win the Republican nomination, a prospect many of them regard as a disaster in waiting.

As I am wont to say -- words fail me.


The survivalist types always crack me up. Most of them couldn't hunt to save their lives. I doubt if they own A gun, let alone any guns which would subject them to any kind of federal restrictions. Maybe a Super Soaker.

The ones you have to worry about are not the ones posting shit like this on FR. They're the ones already off the grid in Idaho or wherever.


Somewhat disappointing, actually. I was expecting meltier meltdowns-blood on the walls, veins in the teeth, more entertaining Galtian flounces.

Freepers I am disappoint. The Anti-Christ was popularly elected, the Black Panthers are coming for your lilly white voting fraud asses, women are defiantly throwing their uteruses at your feet, and the persecuted Christian church in America is being dumped en mass into a cosmic lion's den. And a deranged paratrooper wannabe who can't even count wood is all you got????

*shakes head sadly* I expected sooooo much more.


I saw a link to the "Preparing for Post Obama Election" a couple of days ago and I was rolling. I'm so glad to see it here. I figured it would surely make the cut (thanks Monkeyfister & Adrastos). I read the whole thread (too much fun to watch them eat one of their own) and my favorite part is the answer to the question "How will you post on FR and keep in touch with the Tea Party without internet?" His answer, I kid you not:

To: stuartcr

Have you ever heard of a Public L-I-B-R-A-R-Y?

98 posted on Thursday, November 08, 2012 2:28:36 PM by paratrooper82 (We have been deserted by this WH and left to fend for ourselves in Afghanistan! Both hands tied!)

Go ahead, try to wrap your head around that bit of irony.

Tommy, I forgot to thank you for your twofer FR posts. They have been the cherry on top of my perfect sundae of a week.

My god, I would love it if Palin got the nomination in 2016. Aside from the fact that it would give the Democrats an easy win, it would just be so schadenfreudelicious to read the freepers trying to figure out why the rest of America hates Super-Sarah the Power-Palin.

Also, I'm doing everything I can to encourage the wingnuts to keep up their "makers-vs.-takers" bullshit. Every wingnut who whines about Obamaphones and minorities who want everything for free is going GOTV work for the Democrats.

The GOP-e really thought that a billionaire with Wall St. ties would be a great candidate during a depression. [...] Conservatives could see it coming, but by and large, held their noses and voted Republican anyway.

So... they were right? They knew that for all of your bluster, you'd fall in line when the time comes?

Imagine that.

"it would just be so schadenfreudelicious to read the freepers trying to figure out why the rest of America hates Super-Sarah the Power-Palin"

Even the Freeperati are beginning to realize that the filla from Wasilla is just another grifter.

This would have been cause for some BAN HIM action just 4 years ago.


Wow a few of them are sane and actually realized what the real Republican problem is with respect to most of the electorate, and they constantly got belittled and ridiculed. The question :Is our Freepers learning? The Answer seems to be : Hell No!

I'm cutting some of them some slack, the despair they are feeling, that was me in 2004. And that really would have been me Nov6, if Obama had lost.

And some of the ones picking on paratrooper were just funny, snarky. And I love the CNTRL-GALT-DEL sig line. But does dude really have some land mines? If so, I think a little visit from the ATF should happen.

Thanks for the double duty, TommyT!

500 face cord ~ 500/3 cord = still one whole mess of wood :).


There won't be a btu left in that wood by the time he gets round to burning it.
I was delighted to hear so many of them determined to shirk their civic duty in the mid terms.

I wonder if d00d's wife hopped to and carried out her assignments or simply told him to GTF over it already.

Thanks Tommy. Be sure to scrub behind your ears. Twice in the sludge tank in less than a week! Criminy!

Thanks, guys - I'll see you in a couple of weeks - my band Habitual is playing one of its infrequent shows this Saturday - looking forward to some rock-and-roll therapy to blow the Freeperati muck out.


@Breny, as a librarian I always appreciate how libraries are seen as fulfilling all sorts of needs. But am always dismayed that people don't realize that it takes money to run them (and people don't realize that they are a shining example of govt that works.).

The whole thing is priceless. But Please take care of your hands.

I especially love how the survivalist talks about the IRS turning up and asking for the numbers of your bank accounts. Doesn't realize that banks have long required a SS number so they could report income. And that under Bush II the un-Patriot Act put more severe requirements on banks and what they could accept or not accept.

I can't get my mind around the mental gymnastics of how Nste Silver was a source of bad info, by being right while the pundits were running an echo chamber that was wrong.

And I totally can't understand how the freeper types get away with proclaiming that they are the real lovers of America (and the liberals don't love their country as much) while after the election the freepers are talking seccession (can you say treason and sedition are the true marks of loving one's country?).

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