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Lower 9th Ward: March 2006

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December 21, 2012


I just read a news story on the NRA idea.

Perhaps the most telling part was that they had security agents there limiting access and making sure none of the press was packing heat.

They actually call for both armed cops as well as armed volunteers. I don't mean to try this, but somehow I would guess that if I showed up at the local school tomorrow carrying a gun, I would quickly be transferred to the local jail.

And as you point out, I quickly pictured a cop carrying the standard pistol and facing someone with assault weapons. Even taking assault weapons out of the picture, I know from my childhood when I won some awards for marksmanship - I am a lot more accurate at a longer distance with a rifle than with a pistol.

I saw someone make the argument "You trust children with teachers all the time. You trust them to teach your children and to look after their well-being, suddenly they become incompetent when they have a gun. Why don't you trust teachers as much as you trust the police"


Also, what happens when a teacher mistakes a student for a threat and fires? How much of a threat will warrant gunfire? Who makes that determination? Who reviews that incident?

What happens if a teacher is mistaken and just PULLS the gun on a student? Do they get punished then?

Plus, schools are literally in some instances crammed full of people. The risk of over-penetration is ridiculous. Plus, you give people guns and they look for excuses to use them. They end up on fucking edge all the time.

All these assholes think that killing another human being is easy and there is no after effect, because of course, they've never done it except in their fantasies. It's one thing to be armed. It's quite another to turn from your desk and see someone pointing an assault weapon at you. You aren't going to have time to get your weapon and try to shoot them. Cops, military, not only are trained properly, but if they are carrying , they are often aware of a shooter situation and have the weapon at the ready. This whole idea is ridiculous. Oh, and stupid

Amadou Diallo.

It never even occurred to me to worry about students stealing the teacher's gun but OF COURSE. That's totally something the little delinquents would do, even as a joke, and then somebody winds up badly hurt.


Students can have my teacher gun when they pry it from my cold, dead hands.

@darrelplant reminds me.

From memory, there was a case within the last year where NY cops saw a person who had a weapon (and I believe had fired it at somone) - so they had cause to open fire.

Only problem was that while the bystanders dove for cover, several bystanders were also hit by law enforcement bullets.

Likewise, have these military wannabes ever heard of friendly fire ? Or the military big wig who said a few years ago that he hated the term friendly fire as when the round left the barrel it wasn't friendly to anyone.

Every kid gets assigned a personal police officer at birth, who accompanies the kid everywhere until it is 18. Problem solved

Seriously, if Adam Lanza, an obviously unstable kid, didn't have access to the semi-automatic weapons his mother legally owned and taught him how to shoot, this might not have happened. And she might still be alive, too.

Let me point out a case that defies the conventional wisdom on this notion.

In Wilbarger County of Texas, since 2008, the teachers have carried weapons every day at school. Not every teacher and not the same teachers every day.


It seems to work for us in Texas.
This school is 20 minutes to a half-hour from the nearest police (county sheriff's office). That's far too long to let somebody like Adam Lanza go unopposed among children.

and then there's what happened that same Friday as Adam Lanza's rampage on the far side of the world:

"But now the Chinese video, circulating here on television and the Internet, has refocused attention on the Chenpeng attack, especially on security measures at the school and on local officials’ efforts to squelch coverage. Fury has been building because such rampages have recurred over the last three years, with intruders slashing at schoolchildren with knives and axes, including one who attacked with a hammer and then set himself on fire. Each case set off fear among parents across the country as well as criticism of government officials for not doing enough to protect children; each time, officials guaranteed schools would be secure. The video made blatant the gap between the official promises and reality."

From that same article, this sounds chillingly familiar:
" Other critics blame the lack of proper mental health care in China; at least one man who carried out fatal attacks on schoolchildren in 2010 had exhibited clear signs of schizophrenia, but had not been given proper treatment.

On Friday, the English edition of Global Times, a populist newspaper, published an op-ed by a Chinese writer based in New York that looked at some of the same issues in the context of the Newtown massacre. The writer, Rong Xiaoqing, said the mental health system in the United States also had its shortcomings when dealing with potential killers, since they cannot easily be distinguished from other members of society.

“In the U.S., psychologists and psychiatrists have long followed specific criteria to screen for mental illness,” she wrote. “But the mercurial and mysterious human mind isn’t always that easy to categorize.” "

It's well worth noting that in China the December 14 attack was but the latest in a long string. Parents are marching round their schools with broomsticks in some instances.

Here is the link to the video of that awful morning in China:


I agree fully that trying to keep people with "mental illness" from guns is problematic as there are so many variations on mental illness - and the folks with mental illnesss that are dangerous to others are an extremely small percentage of those with mental illness.

About the school in Texas - You have to divide that school (numerator = 1) by the number of schools that on the same day also didn't have someone march in and start shooting (denominator = I assume somewhere in the millions).

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