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First Draft Krewe in NOLA

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Lower 9th Ward: March 2006

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    These are stills captured from video shot March 2006 in the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans specifically the area between N. Claiborne, Florida Ave, Tupelo and Tennessee.

Lower 9th Ward: August 2006

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    These are photos and stills captured from video taken August 2006 of the Lower 9th Ward specifically the area between N. Claiborne, Florida Ave, Tupelo and Tennessee.

Paying The Bills

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January 04, 2013


I've of course heard about this, but think I'd get too creeped out watching the video.

That said, people torturing other people not only has a long, awful history...it's now officially sanctioned by the government.

And...not that this kid understands or even knows, but after thinking of how creeped out I'd be watching the video, I remembered that the Abu Ghraib scandal came to light probably around the time he was in primary school.


Just reading your description is enough to let me know that I don't want to view the video - I wouldn't be surprised by it but still would be sickened by it,

Ditto to MichaelF. What an absurd notion that we can't torture people when the govt has carte blanche. And I still can't forget that the folks implicated in Abu Ghraib were, in their civilian occupation, prison guards. So they had the training. Makes me wonder what happens with guards here in the states.

Fascinating that the group responsible for revealing this is part of Anonymous.

I can't get over the rampant stupidity that folks will video their crimes and post to facebook, tweet, etc.

CBS News had an interesting interview on some of the issues complicate using the video evidence in court: http://landing.newsinc.com/shared/video.html?freewheel=90574&sitesection=heartlandconnection&VID=24145303

I question the interview on the grounds that there are many crimes where you use what little evidence you have to get one person to turn on their accomplices.

Also question the interview as on the spectrum of giving free consent with all mental functions intact to being drugged into stupor, there is some point where the person was incapable of giving consent to the continued action.

Every girl child in that community now knows that they can be raped tortured and abused and the community will sanction it for the sake of the boys. Just as it has ever been.
There was a gang rape of a girl in India and the community rose up in anger. The media reported the attack as though they are so very barbaric in India compared to how civilized we are in the West.
When children are gang raped here we are so effing civilized we change the subject.

Oh, one weakness in what I said.

As the girl was 16, without looking I assume she was below the age of consent in Ohio making her incapable of giving consent.

i hear the worst indian rapist was the juvie. no more juvie kid gloves on this.

I believe Steubenville, Ohio is also the birthplace of Dean Martin.

I also believe this is Stuebenville's mess to handle, unfortunately the willingness of Steubenville's citizens to overlook this, to blame the victim...whatever for the sake of a winning football team is shameful. What frightens me more is that, I can imagine it would go down this way in my town in Texas.

It's an outrage, but so are a thousand, million other things. Makes me feel like we're doomed.

Problem is, they'd love it if you had a giant assembly to show off their handiwork. Sociopathy feeds on this kind of attention.

I believe the cure for these little uckers and their adult enablers is called public hanging.

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