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Lower 9th Ward: March 2006

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    These are stills captured from video shot March 2006 in the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans specifically the area between N. Claiborne, Florida Ave, Tupelo and Tennessee.

Lower 9th Ward: August 2006

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    These are photos and stills captured from video taken August 2006 of the Lower 9th Ward specifically the area between N. Claiborne, Florida Ave, Tupelo and Tennessee.

Paying The Bills

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February 03, 2013


No one should eat at Taco Bell:)

I don't buy tacos or nice soap or magazines (except Stringing once or twice a year) and I still don't care what TANF is spent on.

If some people had their way the poor would be chewing on a crust of brown bread while they huddle over a peat fire.

On the other hand, I would turn the argument around and look at what the affluent buy, compare it to what it could accomplish among the working class, and put them in the double bind that if they don't spend it then the amount is wasted as it isn't accomplishing any purpose nor is it spurring the economy.

For example, one luxury car for $ 100 K (and there is even a luxury model on the market just shy of $ 500,000 - that is 1/2 million !). Could have bought a KIA and employed 2 more people for a year.

"If some people had their way the poor would be chewing on a crust of brown bread while they huddle over a peat fire."

And that's pretty much how it used to be...which turns out to be worse for the larger economy. Wal-Mart, for instance, is the biggest redeemer of SNAP (food stamps) if I remember right. It's as good as cash for them.

Prisons and workhouses are far more expensive to build and maintain...

People whining about "the poors" and all the "free stuff" they're allegedly getting are remarkably small-minded...and I also suspect heavily prone to projecting outward their own self-loathing...

I think this is the best blog post I've ever read.

i am a cheap shopaholic. tho i likes smelly soap.

Merit in that contention that nobody needs a $200,000 car, never mind a $500,000 car.
Put people back to work! Quit hoarding cash and jobs!

I catch myself doing the same thing with my cousin. Trying to puzzle out what the hell the other cousin spends his money on. He bums money from my aunt constantly. She has less than a third his income and three time his expenses. The price of his going to visit her in assisted living is ponying up the cash for gas or whatever he just has to have that he cannot afford. Then I catch myself and I am embarrassed to be such a jerk.

As far as the wastrel poor lament from millionaire talking heads and the people behind them in the grocery who think poor people don't deserve anything but misery and starvation. Eff them.

I got into a knock down drag out about that very post over at Alicublog so I've been thinking about it all day.

There is such a thing as living within your means and putting off immiediate gratification and saving and all that stuff. But those things don't and can't mean anything in a life of monetary and food scarcity. We know that. If you are a nomadic hunter, part of a hunting group, you've got to share your food with everyone because you simply have no way of hoarding it and a better way of handling it is to share out what you've got and rely on social norms to make sure everyone shares with you when you have nothing and they have something.

The bitter, brutal, low level support offered to the working poor and the indigent in this society is designed to keep people feeling insecure--they are uncertain of their benefits, they have to fight to get and keep them, they are humiliated while getting them and frequently while using them, and they can lose them by changing jobs, housing, schooling, or incomes.

This is a recipe for disaster because there is neither incentive nor chance for individuals and families to save (within the system) or to figure out more responsible and far sighted uses for their money (because there isn't enough money and because they can't count on it.

If we put some thought into the system and created incentives for people to learn good nutrition, good shopping habits, careful saving habits, long range planning and etc... and then we took the money we waste on lecturing people, threatening people, cutting people off and gave it to them in benefits that they couldn't lose by building up assets we'd be better off.

Well, ya know...if you are going to use the idea that it's taxpayers' money, so we get to dictate what those poor wastrels are spending that money on, then let's go all the way and start monitoring what government workers spend THEIR money on. It's taxpayers' money, amirite? Shit, a boyfriend of a friend of mine works for the government AND gets military pension and he's got 3 fucking cars, a $300,000 house, more goddamned running shoes than he needs and also buys a whole lot of chips. I think that's wasting MY money.

Yeah. Talk about your nanny state...

@mothra - They harped on that quite a bit back in 2011. I suspect it got a little bit old (and backfired just a bit), so they moved on to an "easier" target.

Don't forget, when it came to the bonuses for Wall Street over on Fox it was unrealistic that anyone with a family could live on less than $200,000 but when Scotty (or as I like to call him, Governor Crazy Pants) went after the teachers and government employees, they were bankrupting the state at far less than that. Hell, the Gannett Media folks recently rolled out their online searchable database of all public employees in Wisconsin that make more than $25,000 and one local paper is publishing the names of all local employees that make more than $50,000 in the paper.

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