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Lower 9th Ward: March 2006

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February 01, 2013


I couldn't care less about Art Modell -- typical creep owner -- but enjoyed reading Bernie Parrish's book They Call It a Game, which has a chapter or two about 1964...

I know you know this, but the problem with shit like this is that it sends a message to people who aren't white or straight or neurotypical that this shit is okay. That the kid who called them a retard on the playground was right. That the parent who kicked them out of the house for being gay has more socially acceptable views than they do.

I'm glad people are outraged. More than that, I'm glad people are MOCKING Culliver, because when your bigoted shit becomes hilarious, then you know you've truly lost the culture war and boy, have they.

I think what you're taking issue with here is the coverage that devotes more time to the random utterances of sports figures than the actions of the powerful, but I don't think outrage is a bowl of sugar. Every time I think I'm running out, somebody opens his yap in the press and says something so shit-stupid I can't breathe. Our capacity to tell other people where to stuff their bigotry should be limitless.



You got the point even though I didn't make it clear enough, upon second read.

I want people to be outraged when they're actually outraged. It's the media coverage that is fucking annoying because with the exception of certain people who actually have been on top of this stuff for years (read: Dan Savage, LZ Granderson etc.) they really aren't outraged. They're peddling outrage to us when they sense blood in the water and then spend that outrage trying to get me to give a shit about it. It's like the Christians who whip out their Christianity when it becomes convenient and can be a weapon as opposed to using it every day.

The writers of most of this fuck-nut frenzy would be hard pressed to convince me that on any given Wednesday, they would think, "Hey, we should write more about why no player has come out during his playing career in the NFL." Instead, they wait for a dick-nugget like Culliver to say something stupid and then they get all "more PC than thou" about it. I'd wager a dollar to a dime that at least 1 in 4 of the people who wrote bitingly and angrily about Culliver have called someone a "faggot" at least once in their lifetime.

If we really care about this stuff, fine. I do. I know that I teach gay kids and straight kids and kids with learning disabilities and kids with biases and more. I treat each one like I want to be treated. Am I perfect? No, but I'd like to think that I think about these kinds of things more often then when I could wring an acerbic column out of them.


I can understand having the playoff at the end of the season (Superbowl).

What I never understood was then having the Pro-Bowl. If teamwork is important, what sense does it have to throw a bunch of players together who have never played together ? Looks like High School football.

Two more "get over it" in Football regarding repeated head injury. Not that repeated injury has bad effects (which seemed rather obvious even while the power that be were fighting the idea).

Rather about a week ago when Obama said that if he had a son he would have to think about football. In local restaurant with TV that ran this as a news item. I was then treated to 2 locals who started on how Obama was out to destroy football in favor of Basketball. Not only was it a rather lame racial slur in the way they were using that information (you mean blacks don't play football ?) But also that a question of trying to alter things to prevent repeated trauma was somehow an assault on their manhood.

Then today, the TV had a football official apparently saying they were releasing new guidelines for dealing with head trauma. Admittedly this seemed a good thing and a thought that perhaps they had seen the error of their fighting this. However, they guy went into a long speech on how good they were to release this / how it would change not only football but the world as all organizations used this guideline/ etc. Kind of disappointed that they didn't break out into a chorus of "We are the World."

I don't care about the Super Bowl. I just hope the LOCAL small businesses in New Orleans make a lot of money off the people who come to watch.

Looking pretty bad on that score, Grandmere Mimi. They came for the free shit.

I am a bad person. I read the entire post, and all I could think of was, if I say ignorant, homophobic things on camera, can I go hang out at John Waters' house for a few days? Please?

Consider the key: People had to ask who the hell Culliver was, before this.
How much you wanna bet he gets cut / traded sometime during the off-season? He's a reserve, not a starter. SF can get a better player in that position among undrafted rookies come training camp....

Doc, Doc, Doc you missed the true genius of Hollywood Henderson. In the original it was
"Terry Bradshaw couldn't spell 'cat' if you spotted him the K and the t"

Much funnier. And frankly gets more to the point.

On the Pro Bowl.

John Madden had an excellent suggestion on local SF Bay Area radio a couple of weeks ago.

Continue to name players 'Pro Bowlers' but substitute a charity golf tournament in Hawaii for the meaningless game. All the honor and a hell of a lot more fun for all concerned. As a twist I would allow the Pro Bowlers to name ringers to play for them with cash prizes split between the football player and golfers charities. Even as some pro bowlers ate actually scratch golfers (I hate Elway with every fiber of my being, but back in the day he swung a mean golf club. And Steve Young too.)

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