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Lower 9th Ward: March 2006

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    These are stills captured from video shot March 2006 in the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans specifically the area between N. Claiborne, Florida Ave, Tupelo and Tennessee.

Lower 9th Ward: August 2006

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    These are photos and stills captured from video taken August 2006 of the Lower 9th Ward specifically the area between N. Claiborne, Florida Ave, Tupelo and Tennessee.

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September 02, 2013


"Obama isn't running in 2016."

Oh, Tommy. You're one of the naive SHEEPLE who doesn't understand that The 0ne is going to declare marshall law and make himself DICTATOR in 2016 because the weak empty suit just wants power and he'll can't wait to wipe his @$$ with THE CONSTITUTION that Our Founders craeted with the help of G-d and he hates that perfect sacred document you know he swore in on a Koran so he's just waiting to deliver the coupe de gras to our precious Republic.

Oh, so close Jude! But that word is spelled "DICTATER". Very, very good otherwise.

He did spell "martial" wrong. So that's a point in Jude's favor.

First, he organizes an "Arab Spring"-style uprising against Morsi in Egypt... [Tommy T]
I forget, why again did he do that? Was it to disguise his support for Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood?


Jude nailed it, right down to the hyphenated "G-d".


Thanks Tommy T! Enjoy the day. Hope there is some BBQ in it for you.

Wouldn't claims that Obama is a Mooslim tend to counter claims that he wants to bomb the Muslims ?

My only problem with Mondays is, that like today's posts on Syria, I can't tell which are heartfelt opinions of the freepers and which are your snarking about the Freepers. Only difference I can see is that you spell words correctly. ;-)

Off topic but a place I just can't figure out the freepers :

Why the differing reactions to the parents of a possible presidential candidate ?

Obama is the child of a mother who was an American Citizen. Obama was born in the USA. However, his father wasn't an American citizen as far as I know. The Extreme Reich (including the Tea Baggers) continue to clamor for his birth certificate in a format which doesn't exist - despite the repub gov of Hawaii verifying the birth certificate.

John McCain was the son of 2 American Citizens. However he was born in a foreign country (albeit while his father was stationed there in the military and very likely could have been born on the military base). Almost nothing raised questioning if he could constitutionally become president.

Now Ted Cruz was the son of a father who, at the time, didn't hold American Citizenship. His mother was an American Citizen. So far sounds a lot like Obama **EXCEPT** he was born in Canada. His parents weren't in Canada for military service. Oddly, he is the darling of the same Tea Baggers demanding to see Obama's "long form" birth certificate. But of the three I list, he is the furtherest out from a claim of legitimacy.

Conservatives have also tried to remove the "natural born" requirement so that Schwartzenager could run for prez (well, St. Ronnie was and actor and Arnold appeared in many more pictures and pictures with higher budgets, so isn't Arnold the natural choice)?

Admittedly, "natural born" hasn't been adequately defined by judicial review. But for 200 years, the understanding has been that the prez had to have been born in the USA (or a citizen of the USA around the 1780s - not many of them still alive). For SCOTUS to step in would definitely be legislating from the bench (and questionable political motives such as Bush vs. Gore).

Dumb Quesstion: at the time of the revolts in the Mid-East which took a label of "Arab Spring".

Am I the only one who remembers the hawks drooling all over themselves that this guaranteed the rise of democracy in the Middle East ?

I know my reaction was that with all the different factions, there was a lot left to be done before deciding on whether it turned out to be a good thing or a bad thing. Also remembered thinking how Americans think the storming of the Bastille / French Revolution immediately ushered in an age of prosperity and liberty.

I guess that whole "Reign Of Terror" business was just too icky to linger on.


And I seem to recall these same Freepers all excited to eliminate a secular government in Iraq, when the natural consequence would be the religious nuts taking over. But we did not have a brown preznit then, of course, so that makes all the difference.

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