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December 08, 2013


Athenae, I just couldn't be happier for you if you were my own daughter. I'm sitting here crying tears of joy for you. You will be such a fantastic mother! And you will have so much fun! I wish you lived around here so you could come to the new parent's group I facilitate! The first few years are so extraordinary, you learn so much and you feel so much that you never, ever, knew you could learn and feel. My youngest daughter turns 15 tomorrow and Mr. Aimai and I were just discussing children and their moral and emotional development over coffee this morning. The fascination never, ever ends.

Because thats the way I roll I want to recommend Alison Gopnik's two books "The Scientist in the Crib" and "The Baby as Philosopher." Though they cover the same studies, more or less, they look at them slightly differently in terms of how babies learn and how they think. I wish they had been out when I had very young babies--they came out a few years ago and so mine were well out of the toddler stage.

Many, many, many congratulations to you and Mr. A. I am just thrilled for you. I hope you post pix of the baby when she is here!

Love, love, love.

All your friends will insist the crack van be open the day you deliver, you do know that. Consider us your doulas!

Congratulations!!!!!! Weeping happy tears for you.

Congratulations! Wonderful news.

I understand. My first pregnancy had a fatal birth defect, and I had to get a late term abortion. I could never relax during my next pregnancy even though all the tests showed everything would be fine. I couldn't accept that everything would be ok. When my baby girl was born, beautiful and healthy, (19 years ago) that all changed. You will feel the joy that everyone else is anticipating for you. congratulations and good luck

So happy for you.


You have permission to be worried and uneasy. Your little girl will be happy because she's a baby. They're little delight-machines.

I have a snapshot of my son experiencing something wonderful -- Christmas? Snow? -- for the first time. The expression on his face is my get-out-of-guilt free card. Whatever happens, I gave him that.


Baby, in spite of the inevitable hurdles created by the shit-mess we've made of this civilization, that is gonna be the luckiest fucking kid on the planet. You. Will. Be. **AMAZING**.

All my love and encouragement is with you.


Wow, Athenae, that is so wonderful. I'm all weepy.

Fortunately, you've been well-trained to parenthood by your ferrets.


congratulations. kids are great. (and grandkids are even better!)

now i understand the weekend question ;-)

How very wonderful. Congratulations you two!

A daughter couldn't ask for a better mother. As for the worry - welcome to parenthood! As noted, you will be AMAZING.

Congrats to you and Mr A. I hope the ferrets will be pleased to meet their new hairless sibling.

I have an alibi.



Oh, A, I am so happy for you and Mr A. You will be amazing and amazed. You will experience such love and joy and hope when you finally hold her.

Wonderful news! Wishing you, Mr. A., and your little one all the best!

This is very happy news! Congratulations to you and the Mr.


Your little girl will have the best role models a child could ask for. Smart, compassionate, worldly, and adoring.

You will be marvelous, worries and all.

I have been in the same situation, almost 27 years ago and am now a grandmother of 3. I too am a skeptic, but those babies of mine and of my children are the best thing that the world has to give. Rejoice and don't look back! Congratulations!!!

Super Congratulations, A! I completely understand how it's difficult to recover optimism after repeated disappointments, but now you can put that in the past.

You will find that the world is new again, with a child that is seeing the world with brand-new eyes.

This is so exciting for you and Mr. A. I will never forget what Mr. Gato told me "we are starting out on life's real adventure." All true. Our son is 22 and is a wonderful, kind and loving human. We are so happy for you three.


sleep now.

Yay!!! Wonderful

Xoxoxoxx all around

Best of wishes for the best of outcomes. So much love surrounds you all.

Watertiger, when you said "Your little girl will have the best role models a child could ask for" it took me a minute to realize you weren't talking about the ferrets :-)

Yes, A, your little girl will have excellent role models, of both the 2- and 4-legged variety.

I went through the same thing, and my baby girl is fifteen now, drawing cartoons in the other room. I don't blame you for your terror. Some days I still think maybe the universe is going to snatch her back!

But she is here, and she is wonderful. Yours will be too.

Great and wonderful news. Blessings and congratulations, A and Mr A. I'm thrilled for you and with you. Sending lots of love and good wishes your way.

Wonderful. Many blessings to you and yours, A. xo

Yes! YES YES YES YES!!! Happy Dancing for realz in celebration!!!
So, yeah CRACK VAN on delivery day!!!

"Kitten:3, Punch:2...PUSH!!! Dolphin....Slap:1!!!!"

Deeply #1

Hope, dreams, and love to you, my friend.

congrats to you and Mr.A. I'm sure you'll be wonderful parents.

So happy for you! You will be a wonderful mom, and she is a lucky little girl.

After 10 hard years, you're entitled to some ambivalence/disbelief/trepidation.

Nonetheless, my hearty congratulations to you and Mr. A. And I have to think that after January, your worries/joy will be focused on the newest A.

So wonderful—congratulations! I hope you will accept my prayers of blessing and safety for you and your family.

Happy tears. The baby years are wondrous. The ones that follow as well. So good to read this. Blessings to you all.

Zip A DEE DOO DAH, Zip A DEE AAY, my oh my, what a wonderful day...

Congratulations Athenae. Please promise to put as many cute little winter hats on that baby as you can.

Heartiest congratulations, and many more pleasant dreams!
(Speaking of which, stock up on sleep now.)

Oh, those last two paragraphs. Without knowing you beyond your words on a screen, I will say that it is enough. Trust that it is enough.

Oh my goodness. Congratulations, A. Hugs, hope, love.

So happy for the 3 of you!

So, Athenae ... may she live long and prosper, along with her parents, and the Force be with you as a family, all ways and always.

Because ... you know ... you deserve a happy, healthy daughter and a happy, healthy future as a family. It's your turn, darlin'.

Congratulations! I can't think of anything else to say.

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